Friday, 1 May 2020

4 Design Tricks to Make Your Wood Floor Unique

Choosing new hardwood floors for your home is an exciting step in the home renovation procedure. Perhaps you've already made those significant decisions regarding species, size and finish, but now it is time to speak design. If you're trying to find a simple way to dial up the wow on your timber floor, think about the angles. Check out these four examples of floors that refuse to adhere to the straight and narrow and by doing this, make some unexpected drama.

Take a Different Angle with Diagonal Wood Floors

It's amazing how much energy is inserted into a wood flooring by simply shifting the angle it's laid out in. Instead of following the natural line of the wall, these boards are installed at a 45ยบ angle for it. Sleek and simple, this design component adds breadth to your room by drawing your attention out to the corners. It creates interest without being busy or overpowering, which means it may be the ideal selection for those who wish to focus the attention on other design aspects of a space. This classic pattern deserves a lot more credit than it receives.

Chevron Wood Floors Refuse to Be Ignored

The chevron design employs a series of angle cuts to form a constant"V" design. This"V" pattern is then replicated, which creates a stunning 3D effect. In addition, it has the capability to make a smaller room appear larger, and you'll love the longevity acquired from its high structural integrity. A beautiful, yet simple pattern, a chevron wood floor design is an perfect choice for anybody looking to make an impression.

Herringbone Wood Floors Zig While Others Zag

Often mistaken with chevron, herringbone is like a"V" pattern can be attained, although no angled cuts are found. The square borders simply butt together developing a classic, symmetrical layout layout that has created a name for itself all around the world. Even much better suited to larger rooms, with its numerous tiny boards closely stitched together, the herringbone layout also offers exceptional structural stability owing to the exact dimensions and alignment.

Mixing Wood and Tile Really Packs a Punch

The design is simple, but the result is breathtaking. With so many wood and tile alternatives, the design possibilities are endless!

At Isleworth Floor Sanding , we love the challenge of coping with interesting patterns and also making your dream flooring come to life. In case you have an idea you'd like to attempt and create your floors really unique, we are all ears!

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